Feb. 5 Pitt-Greenville Deeds

Breweries, bars in Uptown Greenville to offer Valentine's Day ...

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Jan. 25-31. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

: Lot 123, Crystal Acres, Section 4 $150

■ Minges Building Account LLC to Sieber LLC: Lot 4, Minges Corporate Park $366

■ John H. Coker Jr., Elizabeth Ann Coker (a/k/a Ann C. Coker) to Tracy C. Winkler, Julie T. Coker: Lot 16, Block L, Club Pines subdivision, Section V, Greenville *

■ Robert L. Taylor Jr., Carol J. Taylor, Jimmy D. Carraway, Shelia S. Carraway to Brexit LLC: Unit 9, Building M, Lot 104, Vancroft Townhomes, Section 2, Winterville Township $134

■ POHL LLC to Leon R. Hardee Jr., Karen S. Hardee: 1.319 acres $45

■ Suzan M. Schnalke to Michael Matthews: Lot 11, Eastberry subdivision, Chicod Township $176

■ Vivian M. Crump to Mylestone & Associates Group LLC: parcel, Greenville quitclaim

■ Houses BPR LLC to Gary Jay Lilley, Andrea A. Lilley: Lot 34, Twin Creeks, Section 2, Phase 2, Grimesland Township $560

■ Vickie R. Barnes (n/k/a Vickie Reaves), Sonya Reaves to Vickie Reaves, Sonya Reaves: Lot 25, Moore Pointe subdivision, Section Two, Ayden Township quitclaim

■ Julie Ann Garner to Jonathan R. Rios, Zenaida M. Colon: Lot 297, Quail Ridge Town Houses, Section 10, Winterville Township $216

■ Christine L. Andresen to Catherine H. Taylor: Lot 84, Tyson Farms, Section 2, Greenville Township $278

■ Serena Qualliotine (f/k/a Serena McGregor), Danny W. Qualliotine to Todd McGregor: Lot 162, Langston Farms subdivision, Phase 2, Winterville Township quitclaim

■ First National Bank of Pennsylvania (successor by merger) to DECC Inc.: Lots 1-11 inclusive, South Country subdivision, Phase I $120

■ Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to Neighborhood Housing Group LLC: Lot 34, Country Club Hills, Addition No. 4 *

■ Clifton A. Jones, Gloria L. Jones to Donna M. Jones: Lot 3, Treyburn subdivision, Section 1, Grimesland Township $126

■ Ranjitbhai U. Patel, Ushaben R. Patel to Ranjitbhai U. Patel: Lot 7, Block B, Tucker Estates subdivision, Greenville quitclaim

■ Misha D. Yajnik, Bhavin Patel, Kalindi Y. Narine (t/t/a Kalindi D. Yajnik), Avinash Narine to Taleesha Dupree: Unit C, Building C, Lot 8A, Karringtyn Crossing Townhomes, Greenville $202

■ Marlene H. Farrior, William H. Farrior (a/k/a William H. Farrior Sr.) to William H. Farrior Jr.: 11.22 acres, Farmville Township; parcel, Farmville Township *

■ Jeffrey S. Jenkins, Patti Ann Fiorentino to Stone Bridge Farms LLC: 84.1 acres (with exception), Bethel Township *

■ Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to Caroline Collier, David Colllier, Lynda Basnight: Unit 5, Building A, Lot 8A, Karringtyn Crossing Townhomes, Arthur Township *

■ A. Sydes Construction Inc. to Javon L. Brumsey, Darnesha S. King Brumsey: Lot 57, Mellon Downs, Phase II-B, Winterville Township * (correction)

■ Sharon M. Knight (individually and as executrix), Ronda Sparks (a/k/a Rhonda Sparks), Mark Sparks to Cecily J. Deming: Lot 7-B, Block A, Heritage Village subdivision $144

■ Diane Strathy, Walter Strathy to Thomas S. Ivey, Jenifer A. Ivey: parcel $280

■ Tylan Ryler Corporation to Joanna Masny, Michael Holloman: Lot 4, Ironwood cluster subdivision, Phase V, Falkland Township $840

■ Edna M. Merritt, Robert N. Merritt Jr., Ernest L. Avery Jr. to Samuel W. Ours Jr.: Lot 1, Block H, Oakmont-Drexelbrook subdivision, Greenville Township $310

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Addie M. Best, Chi Kit Yiu: Lot 121, Arbor Hills South, Phase 5 $406

■ Bluemax Rentals LLC to Prinsez Walker: 1.026 acres, Winterville Township $314

■ Heather C. Tyndall (f/k/a Heather E. Cronkhite), John Tyndall to Rachel Benson: Lot 19, Stantonsburg Estates, Section III $276

■ Evans and Lee Properties LLC to CareNet Counseling East: Lot 14, Oakmont Professional Plaza, Section One, Greenville $616

■ William T. Kendrick, Christina C. Kendrick to Donnie W. Higson, Elizabeth W. Higson: Lot 36, Star Hill Farm subdivision, Greenville $120

■ King Convenience Enterprises Inc. to M.A.D. Properties of Greenville LLC: three parcels (with exception) $380

■ Alsey T. Stott IV, Suzanne S Holmes (executrix) to Suzanne S. Holmes, James Holmes: Lot 9, Block I, Bedford subdivision, Section III; Lot 8 (portion), Block I, Bedford subdivision, Section III *

■ Zachary L. Lilly to Jerry R. Cox Jr., Kathleen T. Cox: Unit 125-B, Willoughby Park Condominium, Section 3, Winterville Township $60

■ Michael W. Joyce, Pamela J. Waterfield to Jordan B. Pate, Elizabeth Pate: parcel, The Pines, Ayden Township $440

■ Gary Jay Eason, Reyna D. Eason to The County of Pitt: Lot 8, Block C, Meadow Green development, Section 4 $174

■ Frankie L. Gales (t/t/a Frankie Lynn H. Albritton), Williams R. Gales to Ronnie W. Rouse: Lot 18, Townsend-Windham subdivision, Farmville; tract $182

■ Donta L. Bush (t/t/a Donte L. Bush), Christina Bush to Tyreese Raphael: Lot 9, Block H, Stanton Heights subdivision, Section 1, Arthur Township $156

■ Rocky Russell Builders Inc. to Hung Nguyen, Vivian Nguyen: Lot 14, Stone Haven at Landover, Arthur Township $383

■ Elmer Price (deceased), Beadie Price to Kim Price: Lot 4, Block B, Simon Ebron land, Pactolus Township *

■ Lynn M. Rio, Sharon E. Rio, James Smith to Melanie J. Goff Bradley: Unit 31, University Condominiums $86

■ Jacquelyn B. Smithwick (trustee) to James L. Tingen II, Susan G. Tingen: Lot 1, Block J, Engelwood subdivision, Addition No. 3 $216

■ Mohan Punja, Punam J. Punja to Colony Greenville LLC: Lot 33, Colony Woods subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township *

■ Charles Ray Roberson, Jo Ann Conner Roberson to Wallace Spikes Jr., Betty J. Spikes: 2.4 acres and 4.585 acres, Grifton Township $10

■ Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company of Greenville Inc., Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company Inc. to Garrett D. Gore-Stevens: Lot 15, Teakwood Green subdivision, Phase II $314

■ Mary Jo Smith to Margarita Bustamante-Chavez: five tracts, Carolina Township $88

■ Vickie J. Lewis to Robert A. King III: Lot 13-A, Hampton Creek, Phase Two $216

■ Bella Homes LLC to Sujitha Nandimandalam, Vamsi Konduru: Lot 24, Ironwood cluster subdivision, Phase V, Falkland Township $936

■ Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Thomas E. Moore: Lot 66, Westhaven South, Section 4 $472

■ Dana W. Eddings (executor) to Kathleen F. Griffith, Howard W. Griffith: 0.77 acres, Winterville Township $240

■ Joseph Zickmund, Charith Zickmund to Frankie D. Taylor, Marian M. Taylor: Lot 111-B, Brook Hollow, Section 2 $304

■ Jeannette G. Hugill (one-half undivided interest), John R. Hugill to Benjamin A. Gardner Jr.: parcel, Swift Creek Township $190

■ Richard E. Frazier, Violet Cox Frazier to William L. Thomas: 0.46 acres, The Pines, Ayden Township $311

■ Kyle T. Fordham, Meredith Fordham to Joshua R. Woolard, Meghan K. Woolard: Lot 15, Magnolia Ridge, Winterville Township $320

■ Rahul Thapar, Marylaura Papalas to Donald E. Whitfield Jr.: Lot 2, Block K, Eastwood subdivision, Section Three, Greenville $317

■ Reggie Spain Construction LLC to David A. Evans Jr.: Building D, Unit 6, Kittrell Farms Townhomes $210

■ Charles V. Bowers, Lauren W. Bowers to VB Stratford Properties LLC: Lots 13 and 19, Stratford Villas subdivision *

■ Tommie L. Little Jr., Jennifer Little to VB Stratford Properties LLC: Lots 12 and 21, Stratford Villas subdivision $514

■ Jeffrey A. Fisher, Heather C. Fisher to Fisher Investments LLC: parcel, Walstonburg quitclaim

■ Doreen D. Livermon, Edith Duff-Loesch, William M. Loesch Jr. to Doreen D. Livermon, Edith Duff-Loesch: Lot 5, Block B, Millbrook subdivision, Section I gift

■ Kidd Construction Group LLC to Michael E. Hufnagel, Deborah M. Hufnagel: Lot 25, Autumn Lakes, Phase Two, Section One, Grimesland Township $950

■ NSD Company Inc. to Nolan Commercial Contractors Inc.: Lot 73, Villa Grande, Phase One, Section A $90

■ Ronald J. Newton, Mary W. Newton to Maryland Lee Ford: Lot 90, Brook Valley subdivision, Section 11, Phase 2, Winterville Township $666

■ Maryland Lee Ford to Bushra Ambreen, Sheheryar Bhatti: Lot 121 B, Brook Hollow, Section Two, Greenville $330

■ David M. Lewis, Diane L. Lewis to Helder L. Tullio, Suelen C. Calado Tullio: Lot 150, Canterbury subdivision, Section 6, Phase 1, Winterville Township $390

■ Raymond M. Everett, Theresa C. Everett to William J. Currie, Laurel T. Currie: Lot 154, Ashley Meadows, Section 1, Phase 2-2, Winterville Township $276

■ East Coast Glass of Greenville Inc. to Erika B. Venegas, Raul G. Ayala: Lot 8, Devenwood subdivision, Section 1, Arthur Township $84

■ Erin F. Dove (t/t/a Erin F. Hill), William T. Dove Jr. to Leslie W. Murphy: Lot 42, Willow Run subdivision, Section 3 $392

■ Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to Neighborhood Housing Group LLC: Lot 35, Country Club Hills subdivision, Addition No. 4 *

■ Crystal H. Morrison (f/k/a Crystal H. Jones), Earle H. Morrison to Blake Bailey, Whitney Bailey: Lot 5, Block K, Westhaven subdivision VI, Winterville Township $343

■ David Van Bunch, Logan M. Heath Bunch (f/k/a Logan M. Heath) to Kristin Justice: Lot 18, Longview Acres subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2, Winterville Township $240

■ Christopher N. Williams to Kelly L. Williams: Lot 9, Westwind subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township quitclaim

■ Beth Massey to Lisa M. Garramone: 0.34 acre, Farmville Township quitclaim

■ Gary Noga, Sharon Noga to William V. Swain Jr.: Unit 5, Building D, Cobblestone Townhomes, Section 1, Arthur Township $138

■ David Douglas to David Douglas, Angela M. Roberts Douglas: Lot 16, Block J, Red Oak subdivision, Section II, Winterville Township *

■ First Colony Construction Co. to Miles R. Galloway, Lauren G. Galloway: Lot 21, Colony Woods subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township $619

■ Anil L. Bathia, Jayshree A. Bathia to Derrance W. Hughes, Kimberly Hughes: Lot 45, South Hall subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township $740

■ James S. Bradshaw, Chessa G. Bradshaw to James S. Bradshaw, Chessa G. Bradshaw: two tracts, Prison Farm Road, Greenville Township *

■ Dax R. Nelson, Gloria M. Nelson (a/k/a Gloria M. Crandell Nelson) to Nhi H. Nguyen, Luan Nguyen: Lot 1, Sycamore Acres $400

■ Dave Rogers III to Christopher Lee Rogers, Jada Tew Rogers: Unit 104-C-1-2BR, Breezewood Condominiums, Section 3A, Winterville Township gift

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Nikhilkumar S. Rathi, Sunita Rathi: Lot 124, Arbor Hills South, Phase 5 $400

■ Paul B. Brechtelsbauer, Tonita S. Branan to Bonnie D. Scales, Waightstill M. Scales IV: Lot 21, Block A, Brookgreen subdivision, Greenville Township $1,000

■ James E. Meek, Peach D. Meek (t/t/a Peach D. Bryson) to David Puckett, Doresa Puckett: Unit 5, Building P, Kittrell Farms Townhomes $202

■ Sarah R. Crouch to Prosper Real Estate Holdings LLC: Unit C-10, Westpointe Townhomes, Greenville Township $120

■ Melissa M. Isgar to Jennifer S. Barkand: Lot 23, Horseshoe Acres subdivision, Arthur Township $288

■ Fredi C. Smith to Herbert F. Smith: Lot 302, Brook Valley subdivision, Section VI, Greenville Township *

■ Sherle Tilton to William T. Dove Jr., Erin F. Dove: Unit 123-B, Willoughby Park Condominium, Section 4 $98

■ Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lots 143A and 143B, Fieldstone at Landover subdivision, Section 1, Greenville *

■ Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lots 172A and 172B, Fieldstone at Landover subdivision, Section 1, Greenville *

■ Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lots 170A and 170B, Fieldstone at Landover subdivision, Section 1, Greenville *

■ Carl V. Averette Jr., Sally W. Averette to Raymond L. Gilbarte III, Amanda Gilbarte: Lots 3G and 3H, Forlines Corporate Park, Winterville Township $310

■ Robert E. Briley, Betsy S. Briley to Carl A. Briley Sr., Reita J. Briley: 4.66 acres *

■ Claudia A. Barnett to Wise Owl Properties Group LLC: Lot 8, Block G, Lake Ellsworth subdivision, Section II, Greenville $254

■ Joshua A. Pulliam, Julie W. Pulliam to Travis T. Dixon: Lot 1, Branchfield, Section 1, Winterville Township $286

■ Douglas P. Edwards, Beverly D. Edwards to Raija J. Ellis: Lot 12, Block B, Meadow Green development, Section 3, Grifton Township $249

■ Edna A. Edwards to Edna A. Edwards, Robert D. Armstrong: lot, Greenville *

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Byron J. Latayan Aguilar: Unit 4, Building TH3, Lot 3, The Hollows at Grey Fox Run subdivision, Phase 1 $318

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